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Blancpain watches - Swiss glory

Do you want to choose a watch? We recommend you to buy a Blancpain watch. Blancpain has already for several centuries produces customized, stylish, accurate and reliable Swiss watches.

The highlight of the brand

The main highlight of this brand is the full manual assembly. The whole mechanism of a watch is assembled by hand. All elements of the mechanism amenable to thorough manual processing and decorated in a traditional classical style.

The price of Blancpain watches

It should be noted that the presented company produces luxury watches. The price of such work of watchmaking art ranges from 9000 dollars to 35 thousand dollars. Yes, the price makes you wonder, but accessories Blancpain worth it.

Blancpain collections

It is worth noting that the presented brand mainly for men's. Women's Accessories is dedicated to just one line. Total collections 6, namely:

  • • Le brassus
  • • Villeret
  • • Léman
  • • Fifty fathoms
  • • L-evolution
  • • Women

New models of the Blancpain watch brand

As well as 2 centuries ago presented trademark never ceases to amaze its loyal fans. Its models still refined and wonderfull. From the latest, the most striking models should to highlight next:

  • 1. Ladybird ultraplate saint-valentin 2016. Women's watches with pearl dial inlaid with rubies. The strap is made of calf leather, classic clasp. The highlight of the model is the ultra-thin body, as well as a waterproof.
  • 2. 6653Q-1504-55 ULTRAPLATE from Villeret collection. The model has a bronze-gray dial with guilloche in the form of sunlight. The case is made of 18 carat white gold. The strap is made of alligator leather lining alzavel.
  • 3. QUANTIÈME COMPLET 6654A-1127-MMB. Stylish model for real men. The case and bracelet watch is made of high quality steel. The model has two advanced features, full calendar and moon phase pointer.

The most sensational model

Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication - this is one of the most sensational Blancpain watches home. Its cost 800 thousand dollars. This price is justified by the presence of 44 precious stones, platinum casing and the large number of additional functions, such as: a perpetual calendar, 2 second hand, minute repeater, and many others.

Celebrities who choose Blancpain

  • 1. The world-famous Jacques Yves Cousteau, for the filming of his documentary films used watches Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Their water resistance was a record at the time, he was 200 meters.
  • 2. At the Brad Pitt watches collection was spotted a model Blancpain Tourbillon 50 Fathoms.
  • 3. The famous violin virtuoso David Garrett chose a model Blancpain 500 Fathoms.

The mechanism, case and strap

For the production of its accessories, the company Blancpain uses the highest quality and status materials . The watch case is made of gold, platinum, steel, ceramics. The bracelet or strap can be made of leather, rubber, steel and canvas. Glass exclusively sapphire. Most of the models presented the brand with automatic winding.

How to not buy a fake watch?

You've decided to buy a Blancpain watch? Be extremely careful. There is a good chance to buy fake instead original. When buying a watch, pay attention to the performance accuracy. Remember that fonts must be neat and tidy on the bracelets and straps should not be chipping and strep. On the back cover of the case is to be a summary of the model. Before purchasing carefully study the documents on the clock. Choose official selleres and avoid too tempting discounts.